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DVD-Rom or software download. PC compatible. Requires Adobe Flash.

The growing demand for the English language world wide has created an incredible opportunity to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to an ever widening number of students. In much the same way as Koine Greek in the first century sped the spreading of the Gospel message, English has become an international bridging language for our day. This DVD-Rom takes a primarily aural (listening/speaking) approach to learning English using beautiful images, audio, video, and flash driven content, based on The HOPE film, representing a dramatic presentation of God's redemptive story from creation through Jesus Christ. This tool is appropriate for intermediate/advanced students working on their own, in pairs, in small groups, and large groups. English teachers might also use this resource as part of their instruction in the class room. To facilitate the spreading of this tool and its message it may be copied and distributed without charge. Available in DVD-Rom.