The HOPE for Haiti

In December 2008, Calvary Chapel (CCM) in Melbourne, Florida, approached Mars Hill about the need for a Creole version of The HOPE video. Creole is the heart language for 80%of the people in Haiti. The account of how CCM created The Creole HOPE is amazing in and of itself. But only God could have known that CCM would complete the project within weeks of an earthquake that devastated Haiti. The story of how God has used The HOPE in Haiti, after the earthquake and today, will touch your heart as it reveals His heart for the weak and the lost.


The HOPE movie Trailer

A 90 sec. sampling of scenes from The HOPE video. Produced by the non-profit media ministry, Mars Hill Productions, The HOPE is an epic overview of THE GREATEST STORY ever told. Mars Hill received clip rights from some of the most spectacular biblical narratives ever produced and combined that footage with original material to create The HOPE.

Replacing storytellers in The HOPE to adapt to any people group

In The HOPE, storytellers provide the commentary and continuity necessary to weave together an incredible amount of biblical content in a relatively short amount of time. At times, these storytellers appear on screen along with the images of the story they are relating. Watch to see an example.

Brao: the Hope Video

Ethan Crowley, the director for Brao's Hope Video, explains how he came to be in Cambodia, what his shooting process looks like and what his hope is in delivering The Hope to the Brao people.


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