Staff & Board

Full Time Staff

Fred Carpenter, President
Doug Whitehead, V.P. Administration
Beverly Bates, Assistant to V.P. Administration
Joe Birkmire, Director of Production Operations
Brenda Bowman, Partner Relations & Special Projects
Rob Watt, Ministry Partnering Director 

Part Time Staff

Jan Whitehead, CPA
Nancy Carpenter, Partner Relations
Kurtis Hickle, Ministry Assistant 


Board of Trustees

Greg Belin, Real Estate Developer
Fred Carpenter, President of Mars Hill
Wes Christian, Attorney
LaRue Coleman, Businessman
Albert M. Hassler, Attorney
Joe Ince, Finance
Steve Ough, Businessman
Lloyd Poe, Home Builder
Steve Pouns, Businessman
Buz Underill, Businessman
Kyle Vann, Energy Consultant
Michael Wyatt, Real Estate Developer
Chris Herndon, Businessman



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